Depending on how you look at it, a one-year-old is either the hardest or easiest person to gift on your shopping list. By 12 months they’ve started to appreciate things and are on the go, scooting or crawling and doing a whole lot of exploring. But a mastery of speech is still not in their grasp, so they can’t say “thank you” (or “thank you?” in that slightly befuddled, drawn-out way that can clearly signify something other than gratitude is running through their mind). Ensure they’d be saying it the first way by picking parent-approved gifts that hit the sweet spot of novelty and practicality.

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Yummy Buddy Antibacterial Suction Bowl

Darlyng & Co.


Utensils might be optional when you’re one, but a bowl still comes in handy. Make it a fun one.

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Flower Sunglasses

Kido Chicago


Whether they wear them or just want to chew on them, sunglasses are the accessory that can entertain for hours.

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Van Walker



Help them get the hang of walking with a sustainably crafted push-car.

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Think Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

They’re starting to get more interested in books. Add a new, inspiring one to their library.

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Three Times a Charm Girls Bracelet

It might be time to consider baby’s first piece of jewelry (though make sure it’s got a secure clasp, no pieces that could be yanked off, and is cool with the parentals).

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Baby Moisturizing Lotion

Ever Eden


By their first birthday, all the pampering products received at their baby shower are likely gone. Update their changing table area with a new luxe lotion.

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Bathtub Pals

Begin Again Toys


Think outside the living room when it comes to toys. The bathtub is a spot that can always get more playful.

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Spinning Seas Water Table

Little Tikes


A water table has everything they’re crazy about at this age: something to pull themselves up with, moveable pieces, and water to splash. 

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Hooded Bathrobe for Babies and Toddlers


Once they’re standing, a pint-sized bathrobe is a must.

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Modern Alphabet Affirmation Flash Cards for Kids

It’s never too early to start working on positive self-affirmations (and the thick cards double as a toy to help with motor-skill development).

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Beeswax Crayons



Scribbling is likely a few months in the future, but you can still get them prepped with oversized crayons that will be easier to hold.

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Aspen Duo Freezer Teether

Pretty Please Teethers


No matter how many teeth they have right now, there are definitely more on the way. Give them something chic to gnaw on.

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The Jackie Sweatshirt

Miles and Milan


Crewneck sweatshirts are a classic no matter your age.

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Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set



Chairs, tables, cabinets: Everything’s made for climbing on right now. Help them explore safely with a set of plush blocks.

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No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

Remember how mystifying bubbles seemed as a kid? Yep, they’re still a thing. The big update is the spill-proof container.

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Safari Life Organic Cotton/Bamboo Bib Set

Stina & Mae


At one, your little pal is definitely still a messy eater. Gift them some soft bamboo bibs with a bright print.

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Play Kit



The option exists to let the pros do the picking for you too. Gift them a single box or a subscription of toys specifically selected for their age.

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