Best phone accessories for summer 2020

It is already summer, you have your favorite –θήκες κινητών– smartphone -either old or new- and you are ready to go on vacation. But aren’t you forgetting something? Your smartphone accessories of course! We have prepared a guide for the best phone accessories for summer 2020 and we are very excited to present it to you!

Get ready to find out more about the best accessories for your smartphone! We are going to talk about stylish accessories, necessary ones and of course protective equipment!

Power banks

The last thing you need when you are traveling or when you are on vacation is your phone to die and leave you with no access to technology! How many times have you had this problem in the past? We believe that it is time to invest on a power bank that will save you every time your phone or tablet runs out of battery.

You need to choose a device that will be able to charge your phone at least 2 times. Let’s say you have a phone with a 3000mAh battery capacity. Your power bank needs to be of at least 6000mAh capacity because you do not want to charge it every day! The best choice will be to get a 10000mAh power bank which will charge your phone multiple times! So you can even go camping for days without running out of battery! Think about it!


If you are the kind of character who does not like to travel with company and gets very annoyed when people are talking to them during their trip you are in desperate need of earbuds! Music is a great way to spend your time when you are traveling and when you are on vacation. Either in the car, train, plane or at the beach, music will be the best way to calm you.

The different kinds of earbuds are offering you a variety of choices. The small earbuds that resemble ear plugs are very lightweight and noise-cancelling. The bigger and bulkier headsets are also noise cancelling and will sit more comfortably on your ears as they include soft “pillows” on each side. This way you can listen to your music for hours without getting a headache!

Either way, having the option to put your headphones on -either to avoid unpleasant situations or just to relax- is very important! If you are using your headphones very often, go for the Bluetooth option where you can have lightweight headphones without annoying cords!


Phone cases

Let’s get to the most fun part of the accessories! The cases! When you are getting a new phone, a case is the first thing you are going to buy as you need it for both protection and style. During summertime, it is better to have a more dense, protective case as your activities are different from the winter time. Even if you are just going to the beach, you need to protect your phone so that you can keep it longer!

You should bear in mind that some phone cases are causing your phone to overheat when it is charging or when it gets in warmer environments. This is something that you will want to avoid either if you are on vacation or at the city. If your phone overheats it might get serious damage like for example its battery could be enlarged or your screen could be cracked due to the extremely high temperature.

Other Gadgets

Some other kind of funny gadgets we have on our list, include a micro USB mini fan for the hot days of summer and of course an action camera! Action cameras are a fun way to remember your vacation as you can take videos and photos inside a pool or the sea! You can take fun videos of you jumping off cliffs into the sea or rivers, fun underwater pictures with your friends, hiking videos and many more!

It has the ability to connect to you phone so that you can edit these pictures and clips so that you can upload them to your social media profiles! The little fan is a cute gadget that is not that useful but we thought we should include in our list as a bonus! It is quite cheap and it can offer you some minutes of coolness!

A portable Polaroid printer would also be a great choice for the summer! It is connected to your phone by using Bluetooth and it allows you to print your favorite photos as Polaroids after you have edited them! You will have every memory pronted and you can also gift the pictures to your friends and family!

Protective equipment

Except for the simple everyday cases, there are other choices as far as protective equipment is concerned. A silicone zip case for your personal valuables -aka phone, keys, money- will be your best friend this summer. It will keep your personal belongings dry and away from sand which is very abrasive.

What will be a wonderful addition to your summer accessories is a translucent plastic “sleeve” with which you can take underwater pictures even if your smartphone is not waterproof! It is a way of transforming your phone into an action camera without having to buy one! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Last but not least, a strap for your phone will be the perfect accessory of you are into outdoor activities. It will make sure that your phone is secured on you -either from your neck or at your bag or belt- and this way you will never lose it!


If you want to be stylish and at the same time prepares for your vacation we think that you need to get at least one of the accessories we mention above! You will have a great time at your vacation and you will never run out of battery, lose your phone or damage it!

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