3 Ways to unblock external siphon drainage

When special tools are required to clean a clogged siphon drain pipe on the balcony, then it is necessary to call a professional unblocking company Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου so as not to cause more damage to your pipes.

In some cases, a plug may be too stubborn and manual cleaning or using a garden hose to push the barrier may not work. Then you need to use more powerful equipment.

Professional ways to block siphon sewer pipes on the balcony:

1. Spiral clogging steel

This tool, commonly called a plumber’s snake, should be attached to the end of your pipe. The steel has the ability to penetrate the mass that has been created and dissolve the blockage that has been created and does not allow the normal flow of water through the pipes.

2. Unblocking machine

For a harder barrier that makes piping useless, you may want to use a blocking machine. Unlike a pressure washer, which simply rinses the water through its nozzle, a blocking machine has a special blade attached to the end of the snake.

Sometimes the barrier is more than the accumulation of leaves and debris. The roots of trees that have found their way into your pipe may be responsible. A small hole in the pipe may be the entry point. Once a small part of the root has penetrated, it continues to grow inside the drain and eventually causes a blockage.

Connect the right cutter to the right size and the blocking machine will clean anything that impedes normal water flow. After this treatment, there may be residues from the cutting process. It’s a good idea to flush the pipe with a flexible watering hose to clean up debris.

3. Watering

The water jet exploits the high pressure water to clean not only the debris of the pipe, but also the dirt on the inner surface of the pipe. A professional plumber αποφρακτική Αντωνίου has different types of nozzles for different purposes. Some nozzles only push water forward, while others can clean the water forward as well as backwards at the same time.

There is also a swivel nozzle. The use of hydroelectric power will get rid of most blockage issues. This is a job that is best left to the professional, as the use of high pressure water puts risks in the wrong hands.

Are there any easy ways to prevent future blockages?

Use a grill with thin holes under the siphon on the balcony and in all outdoor drains. It should be thin enough to hold the leaves and debris out, but it is not very nice that it restricts water flow. The same goes for roof drainage. be sure to clean the drain periodically, and especially before a severe storm or fall.

A blocked external sewer is probably related to the permeability of the soil and the topography of the shipyard. Water flows from the force of gravity so that it always ends up at the lowest point. If your sewer is installed at a high point in your property, you are likely to have stagnant water after each storm. You may need to relocate the sewer or install additional sewer.

When you need to contact a professional

If soil permeability and shipyard topography are the main problems, you may need professionals to redesign the entire garden or lawn. It is also useful to have a diagram or map showing the location of the pipeline connections.

In more recent homes, a plumbing plan must be available. Large trees near the pipeline pose a serious risk of root penetration, so chemical treatment of the soil is likely to be necessary.

Because most pipes for an external drain are shallow, it is always best to use the best available drainage pipe material (typically a very heavy cast iron pipe).

When the blocked area is difficult to locate, you need a professional plumber Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου who can use a sewer inspection camera. This device can accurately find not only the location of the dam, but also the depth of the pipe. It can also determine the type of dam.

When the damage is due to the penetration of the root of the trees, a replacement of the drain pipe is a viable option. It will be an expensive household waste repair job, it will involve excavations and inconvenience.

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